It’s holiday shopping time! Hundreds of thousands of us will be heading to the malls in search of the perfect gifts for everyone on our shopping lists. With so many of our family, friends and neighbors running around town, there’s bound to be hectic traffic on our roads and sidewalks. Be aware of your surroundings and Drive Aloha with these tips:

  • Shop at popular malls during low-peak times. The most popular times for holiday shopping are after hours and weekends. Consider shopping during the weekdays and before noon on the weekends to avoid overcrowded mall parking lots and get through the stores quicker.
  • Obey traffic signals. Whether you’re driving, walking or biking, pay attention to traffic signals and signs. Pedestrians should not cross against the light and drivers must give the right of way to those crossing the street.
  • Be attentive and avoid distractions. Put your phone away while driving and use a hands-free device if you must have to make a call. Pedestrians should also remain alert on the sidewalks and especially in parking lots.

While in the parking lot, keep you, your family and your holiday purchases safe as well by:

  • Parking in well-lit areas.
  • Shopping with a friend or family member – there is safety in numbers!
  • Placing your purchases in your truck and away from view.
  • Moving your car when you drop off packages before heading back to the stores for more shopping.
  • Having your keys ready before walking to your car, locking your doors as soon as you enter, and leaving the parking lot as soon as possible.

Practice these Drive Aloha tips to ensure you and your family have an enjoyable and safe holiday.

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