With ever increasing traffic and aggressive driver behavior on our busy roadways, DTRIC Insurance and community leaders have teamed up to unveil a new traffic safety and courtesy campaign to encourage residents to “Drive Aloha.”

The “Drive Aloha” campaign initiated by DTRIC Insurance is a community effort to educate drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists in practicing safe and courteous behavior by reminding everyone to take responsibility for their actions on the streets. The traffic safety campaign kicks off with an August 12 proclamation ceremony with Gov. David Ige and community representatives declaring August as “Drive Aloha” month.

The campaign hopes to discourage bad commuting habits – distracted driving through use of cell phones, running a red light, jaywalking, speeding and cutting off another driver – which all lead to accidents that could have been avoided through safer behavior.

Michele Saito, DTRIC president and CEO, said: “Drive Aloha is not just a seasonal traffic safety campaign, it’s meant to promote safe driving year-round,” said. “We wanted to kick off the campaign with kids going back to school, but the Drive Aloha safety and courteous message can be promoted through other times of the year during Christmas shopping season, summer vacation travel, holiday weekends.”

By partnering with state, city and private agencies and organizations, the goal of “Drive Aloha” is meant to encourage people to be courteous drivers, embrace positive behaviors and practice the ALOHA spirit to make the road safer and friendlier for everyone.

Recent traffic accident statistics show that:

  • Between 120 to 150 traffic accident fatalities happen each year across the islands
  • Between 20 to 30 people are killed each year in pedestrian accidents
  • And nearly a dozen people die each year riding bicycles or motorized scooters

Saito said the campaign would go beyond the usual safety awareness campaign by asking the public to make an actual commitment to safe driving. DTRIC will have a dedicated website at www.DriveAloha.com to allow the public to take the Drive Aloha Pledge; sign up for the e-newsletter; editorial and tips for safe, courteous and responsible driving; information, quizzes and stats; and more.

DTRIC will have other “Drive Aloha” social media platforms to engage with the community:

  • Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DriveAloha
  • Twitter and Instagram: @DriveAlohaHI
  • Hashtag campaign: #DriveAloha
  • E-Newsletters – Monthly e-newsletter with timely featured articles (i.e. holiday safety tips, car care advice, etc.), partner highlights, quizzes and stats, and examples of Drive Aloha in action.

Other campaign promotions will include TV public service announcements and sign-waving campaigns with schools and business/community groups to encourage drivers to slow down and drive safely.

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